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Wired Wednesday

At the Annual Networking Reception – Future of Work, Microsoft Corp. provided a demo of the latest software that they are introducing to support work and improve efficiency.  The links below are to show you what was demonstrated. 

There were two highlights that stood out for me.  The Windows Continuum links a Microsoft phone with a monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.  Your phone becomes your computer.  The software is full featured and looks exactly like it does when running on a regular computer.  The other was the Microsoft Band 2, which allows you to receive messages and even respond to them from a wearable device.  Wearables are becoming more popular and will definitely be part of the future of work. 


Windows Continuum

  • We will have a Windows 950, Microsoft Display Dock, display to let the attendees see how to use a phone the same way you can use a laptop. 
  • Connect your Lumia 950 to a Microsoft Display Dock and use it with an external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. Office apps and Outlook scale up to create a big screen-optimized work environment that makes you more productive. It's a PC-like experience that's powered by your phone.

Windows 10

  • Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 demo
  • Surface Book: Portable clipboard; Creative canvas


  • Cortana is an amazing digital assistant
  • Edge browser
  • Markup webpages on a live webpage (Inking)
  • Wireless Adapter on a display
  • Inking to take notes
  • Surface Dock/Display

Office 365

  • New, productive features of Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Live collaboration
  • OneNote
  • OneNote Class Notebooks
  • Sway
  • Skype for Business
  • Office Mix
  • Yammer

Mobile Demo of Microsoft Band 2

  • How it can be used to be more productive

-Dr. Larry Cozzens 


Wired Wednesday: Education Technology Graduates From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Entrepreneurs in the Education Technology industry have started to realize that their business in developing technology for K-12 schools can translate to developing technology for adult learners within the corporate market. 

JAN. 17, 2016

"The financing trend highlights the difficulties facing the numerous young companies that develop apps for school use. Many of those tech start-ups have been able raise early-stage financing, often in comparatively small amounts; a subset of those, mimicking techniques established by popular consumer apps, have grown quickly by giving away their products...By comparison, companies focused on corporate training or professional skills, like those that teach computer programming languages to adults, say they have found it easier to generate revenue by marketing directly to corporations or consumers".

To Read More from the New York Times Article, Please CLICK HERE


Wired Wednesday: Three Ways To Protect Yourself From Hackers ( 

By:Amadou Diallo 

Another day, another data breach. At least that’s what it feels like after the data firm Hold Security made public its discovery that a gang of Russian hackers has made off with a cache of 1.2 billion user name/password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses. As reported by the New York Times, this represents “the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials.” The sites from which the data was stolen range from “Fortune 500 companies to very small websites,” Alex Holden, founder of Hold Security, told the Times. And while Holden has declined to identify specific sites that were targeted, he cautions, “most of these sites are still vulnerable.”

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