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Meaningful Networking: A Step Towards Engaged Connections by Rita Snell

Networking is an essential part of the business world. It’s how we make connections and build relationships. We have all heard about the power of connections. But are true connections really being made, or are we simply meeting people and forgetting them afterwards? Networking is not just meeting for the sake of exchanging business cards and adding them to the collection, but rather as a way for us to build mutually-rewarding relationships that can help us develop professionally as well as personally. Networking takes practice. Very few of us know how to “work the room,” leaving with meaningful interactions. Some people are gifted in the art of networking, but for the majority of us, we need a little help.

This brings me to the idea of interactive networking. Why don’t we create networking events that include a theme around which we can debate and share experiences? Similar to a museum, people can feel free to talk with others or interact with the space. These museum-like exhibits could help facilitate conversation between people. Conversations are ignited around exhibits because while you might all be looking at the same thing, each person carries a different interpretation. In addition to learning that person’s name and the company where they work, you are also gaining some insight into the way that person thinks. Perhaps you will find a connection on a topic not discovered through small talk. Interactive networking is a great way to meet new people while at the same time expanding your way of thinking.

Each year Villanova hosts their Annual Networking Reception. This year’s theme was around “The Future of Work.” For this event, we decided to incorporate this idea of interactive networking. Our goal was to engage students and professionals in a meaningful networking experience to ignite conversations that will change the future of work. The night was divided into alternating segments of networking and presentations around the four themes of flexibility, generations, collaboration, and technology. We displayed videos with people sharing their ideas for how they will change the future of work, and we placed exhibits around the room to demonstrate some ideas about what the future of work might look like. Questions were posed on the mini tables, asking people to share their thoughts with each other and via social media. Personally, I found great value in this networking experience. As I paused at each exhibit, new people would approach and share their personal stories. I met a woman by the “Workspaces Through Time” exhibit, for example, and this exhibit showing the evolution of work through time sparked our conversation. She reminisced on her experience conducting research prior to all the online databases and journals we have today. We then talked about how gathering information might change in the future. This event pushed beyond the typical networking event by encouraging people to connect by interacting with the space around them.

I believe we need to be more mindful of how we are making connections. Meeting a new person is not enough. We have to share more than our quick elevator speech to form a true connection. Meaningful networking means walking away thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait to talk with that person again.” 

-Rita Snell, HRD Graduate Assistant, VU SHRM Director of Communications


Dr. David Bush Retirement Party!

The Psychology Department is hosting an on-campus reception for HRD's founder, Dr. David Bush!

When: Wednesday, April 20th

Where: President's Lounge of the Connelly Center

Time: 3-5PM

The entire extended campus community is welcome!

Join us in celebrating Dr. Bush's retirement and his many accomplishments throughout his time in our program!



ANR Presentation at GVFHRA - Save the Date!

On Tuesday evening, VU SHRM officers presented the 2016 Villanova HRD Annual Networking Reception event for the first time to the GVFHRA community. Through their colorful posters, they each shared their predictions for The Future of Work, and GVFHRA members shared some of their predictions as well! 

"In the future workplace, the unemployment rate will steadily decline as there will be more opportunity for freelance work, flexibility, and collaboration thus creating a vast array of new jobs." -Nick Kruger

"The future of work will include more flexibility as to better accommodate those with disabilities." -Samantha Khan

"I think the future of work will revolve around vast social networks and global collaboration." -Hallie Thompson

"In the future of work there will be fewer physical barriers that separate the boundaries of work and life." -Alex Miller

"I know the future of work will have the right technology for increased flexibility, which will have positive and negative effects on Work-Life Balance." -Rebeca Pareja Hecimovich

"I hope the future of work will mean an investment in people's well-being to encourage high quality of work." -Rita Snell

"In the future, cities will be less populated due to the opportunity to work in collaboration with others or independently from any physical location." -Patty van Kleef


2016 Villanova HRD Annual Networking Reception

Tuesday, April 5 from 5:30-9pm

Comment below to share your prediction for something that will change or something that you hope will change in "The Future of Work!"


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