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Villanova Phi Kappa Phi 

The Villanova chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1974. Each year since then, our chapter has inducted between 150 and 200 of the top seniors and juniors in the University. In 1999, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our chapter, and we were honored for that at the most recent triennial meeting of the National Society. During our tenure as a member society of Phi Kappa Phi, Villanova inductees have won many graduate fellowships from the Society.

There will be graduating HRD students that will be distinguished with this honor upon graduating on May 14th, 2016. 

To read more about the honor society, please visit the homepage on Villanova's website here:



5 Reasons why every young HR Professional should have a Mentor

 by Alex Miller, Graduate Sutdent for the Human Resource Development Program at Villanova University


My name is Alex Miller and I am currently finishing my second year in Villanova University’s M.S. Human Resource Development Program. I was fortunate enough to participate in an annual mentoring program designed by the faculty of the Human Resource Development program. Each year, the program faculty selects current students and matches them up with seasoned HR professionals depending on experience and interests. The mentoring program provides graduate students with the opportunity to work with successful HR professionals and to continue to develop a range of skill sets. Mentors benefit by accessing fresh talent, improving their leadership skills and building a rapport with Villanova’s reputable HRD Graduate Program. I was lucky enough to be paired with an HR professional who shared similar interests within HR including employee relations, compensation, recruiting, and strategic HR. Listed below are 5 reasons why every young HR professional should seek a mentor.

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Meaningful Networking: A Step Towards Engaged Connections by Rita Snell

Networking is an essential part of the business world. It’s how we make connections and build relationships. We have all heard about the power of connections. But are true connections really being made, or are we simply meeting people and forgetting them afterwards? Networking is not just meeting for the sake of exchanging business cards and adding them to the collection, but rather as a way for us to build mutually-rewarding relationships that can help us develop professionally as well as personally. Networking takes practice. Very few of us know how to “work the room,” leaving with meaningful interactions. Some people are gifted in the art of networking, but for the majority of us, we need a little help.

This brings me to the idea of interactive networking. Why don’t we create networking events that include a theme around which we can debate and share experiences? Similar to a museum, people can feel free to talk with others or interact with the space. These museum-like exhibits could help facilitate conversation between people. Conversations are ignited around exhibits because while you might all be looking at the same thing, each person carries a different interpretation. In addition to learning that person’s name and the company where they work, you are also gaining some insight into the way that person thinks. Perhaps you will find a connection on a topic not discovered through small talk. Interactive networking is a great way to meet new people while at the same time expanding your way of thinking.

Each year Villanova hosts their Annual Networking Reception. This year’s theme was around “The Future of Work.” For this event, we decided to incorporate this idea of interactive networking. Our goal was to engage students and professionals in a meaningful networking experience to ignite conversations that will change the future of work. The night was divided into alternating segments of networking and presentations around the four themes of flexibility, generations, collaboration, and technology. We displayed videos with people sharing their ideas for how they will change the future of work, and we placed exhibits around the room to demonstrate some ideas about what the future of work might look like. Questions were posed on the mini tables, asking people to share their thoughts with each other and via social media. Personally, I found great value in this networking experience. As I paused at each exhibit, new people would approach and share their personal stories. I met a woman by the “Workspaces Through Time” exhibit, for example, and this exhibit showing the evolution of work through time sparked our conversation. She reminisced on her experience conducting research prior to all the online databases and journals we have today. We then talked about how gathering information might change in the future. This event pushed beyond the typical networking event by encouraging people to connect by interacting with the space around them.

I believe we need to be more mindful of how we are making connections. Meeting a new person is not enough. We have to share more than our quick elevator speech to form a true connection. Meaningful networking means walking away thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait to talk with that person again.” 

-Rita Snell, HRD Graduate Assistant, VU SHRM Director of Communications


Dr. David Bush Retirement Party!

The Psychology Department is hosting an on-campus reception for HRD's founder, Dr. David Bush!

When: Wednesday, April 20th

Where: President's Lounge of the Connelly Center

Time: 3-5PM

The entire extended campus community is welcome!

Join us in celebrating Dr. Bush's retirement and his many accomplishments throughout his time in our program!



All About Nova: Graduation Reminders


Dear Villanova HRD Graduates,

As May 2016 Commencement rapidly approaches, we want to make sure you have all the information you need regarding the weekend events.  Listed below are a description and timeline of Commencement activities.  You are welcome to all events listed below and are highly encouraged to attend the HRD Graduation Reception and Graduate Studies Convocation on Saturday (details below).

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Business Book Review: Fitch Path by Todd Corley

FITCH PATH goes inside the iconic brand, Abercrombie & Fitch, and explores how Millennials (Generation Y) and iGens (Generation Z) reshaped the self-conscious symbol of today’s American youth, redefined the concept of coolness, and forged cultural transformation (i.e. Gonzalez v. Abercrombie & Fitch, EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch, Brown et al v. Abercrombie & Fitch).

Author Todd Corley, former Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) Senior Vice President & Global Chief Diversity Officer and liaison to the A&F Board of Directors’ Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, experienced the impact of Millennials and rising iGens during his time at Abercrombie & Fitch from his office at the World Headquarters located on Fitch Path in New Albany, Ohio (2004 – 2014). During his tenure at Abercrombie & Fitch, he came across several high profile discrimination cases including Gonzalez v. Abercrombie, which was at the center of a $50M class-action settlement, which forced A&F that is his position be created and EEOC v. Abercrombie, which was argued in front of- and decided by-the U.S. Supreme Court fifteen months after he decided to leave the company. In that case, the U.S. Supreme Court came to an 8 – 1 decision on June 1st, 2015 in favor of a Muslim woman who wore a hijab to her job interview. It is a cautionary tale; one that all organizations and leaders should take note.

To purchase the book, please visit

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Student Spotlight: Pearl Mensah

As a student at Villanova University I can look back and say that I have learned a lot about myself and about life here at Villanova University.  I chose Villanova because of its reputation for excellence and more importantly because I knew that it would be a challenge; qualities that are deeply entrenched in Villanova’s core values.  Most athletes lead with the successes in their career, but as a walk-on to Villanova University’s Women’s Basketball Team, my athletic career took a path that I could have ever imagined. My job had always been to practice hard and make my teammates better, without any prospect of getting into the games. After thousands of hours of pouring my blood, sweat and tears into the game that I grew to love, my basketball career was ended by an injury. 

Rather than retreating into “early retirement” I found a new way to be utilized in the program. As the Assistant Director of Women’s Basketball Operations I am responsible for all of our team managers, supervise our players at team events, supervise study hall, ensure that practice is set up and broken down, coordinate with our compliance office to ensure team compliance with NCAA regulations, work closely with the Office of Academic Support to ensure academic eligibility, coordinate team meals and assist with travel arrangements.  My job is multifaceted and through my studies in the Human Resources and Development program I have developed in an immense professional advantage that will help me in my career in athletics for years to come.

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All About Nova: Villanova Men's Basketball

College basketball rankings, week 5: Villanova moves up and down in latest polls

by Chris Lane, @Chrisjjlane on December 7, 2015

College basketball has a new #1 team following Kentucky's loss to UCLA last week - that honor belongs to Michigan State. But even though they didn't drop below Villanova, the Wildcats were still able to move up in the rankings this week to #6 in the Coaches Poll. That came at the expense of Kansas, which fell one spot despite not losing a game. Maryland's close loss to North Carolina also sent the Terps spiraling down to #9 - a bit harsh given their performance in Chapel Hill. Villanova also nabbed two first place votes in the poll, so thanks coaches!

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Student Spotlight: Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore is an student in the online Human Resource Development Program. After graduating from the University of Scranton, Ryan was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. In 2012, Ryan became an Operations Department Leader with Procter & Gamble. Since then, Ryan has moved into a new role of Human Resource Plant Manager with Procter & Gamble, Family Care. 

Q:        Why are you interested in the field of HR and how did that interest come about?

A:     I believe it started with me about 12 years ago, almost a whole decade before my (and currently only) HR position.  I graduated from the University of Scranton with my undergrad in 2003 and was also received my commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army the same time.  I wasn’t required to report to my Officer Basic Course until later that fall so I volunteered and was accepted to be a recruiter for the ROTC Department.  I was able to visit multiple college campuses, high schools, and incoming freshman and ultimately recruit 50+ students into the program, and I loved every minute of that experience.  Now fast forward to 2012, and I was out of the Army and now an Operations Department Leader with Procter & Gamble.  As an operations leader I understood that the needs of the employee are inseparable from the needs of the company, and always relied on this principle when working staffing, development and other organization changes or issues.  Also during this time I was still actively involved with manager and technician recruiting for my manufacturing site.  In fact I was doing more HR work then I gave myself credit for. It was then around this time that I was asked to be a Plant HR Manager which honestly was a career move that I hadn’t considered before.  Now almost 2.5 years in I have absolutely found my “calling”.  I find tremendous fulfillment in being an advocate for each employee and growing the culture of our plant.  It continues to be extremely rewarding and look forward in continuing my career in HR.

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Villanova HRD Online Rankings

Human resources (HR) is now one of the top business administration priorities at most companies. Thriving businesses need great employees. They require talented and technically skilled employees to gain an edge in the marketplace—that’s why HR professionals play a vital role in the success of companies across an array of industries. 

A Master's degree in Human Resource Development will allow you to advance your knowledge and career within the field of HR. Villanova University has been offering a Master's in Science in Human Resource Development for over 35 years! Within the last decade, the program has offered an online option as well, which has been credited among the top programs in the nation for an advanced degree in HR!

Listed below, are some online rankings in which Villanova's Master's HRD program in consistently ranked as one of the top advanced degree programs in HR: ranks Villanova online HRD as #2 nationally! Click here to see full list. ranks Villanova online HRD as #3 nationally! Click here to see full list. ranks Villanova online HRD as #5 nationally! Click here to see full list. ranks Villanova online HRD as #12 nationally! Click here to see full list. 


VU SHRM Excel Workshop Recap

On Tuesday, October 6th, VU SHRM members had the opportunity take part in a workshop that focused on applying Microsoft Excel skills to the HR function. Being able to demonstrate strong excel skills is an invaluable tool that will help individuals become more marketable as HR professionals and a “go-to” person in the department or company. This workshop was able to provide students with a solid foundation of excel and how it can be applied to workforce planning, compensation, talent acquisition, and employee relations. Many functions of excel were covered including sorting and filtering data, countIF function, vlookup function, pivot tables, slicer function, and how to display an analysis via pivot tables and charts to your audience.



How do you plan to spend your 2015 Fall Break?



Aronamink Country Club


This year the human resource development program at

villanova university is celebrating 35 years as the premiere

graduate studies program in the human resource profession.  We

are proud of our alumni, their contributions to the community,

and the continuing evolution of this dynamic program.


All donations from this event will fund an endowed

graduate fellowship for selected HRD students.  This

fellowship will be awarded to the students in our program who have

demonstrated strong academic abilities, community involvement

and excellence in their pursuit of a master of science degree in

human resource development from Villanova university.

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New Year, New Look!

Welcoming the New Year is a time for welcoming new beginnings. For 2014, Villanova's HRD Corner decided it was time for a fresh new look. We have updated our blog's appearance and as always, will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of current HR news.

This year, we also want to hear more from you! Please utilize our LinkedIn discussion boards and the comment sections on our blog to interact with the impressive network of professionals that share our passions and interests in the field of Human Resources. 

You can start right now, by letting us know what you think about our new appearance... Like it? Love it? Want a leopard print background instead?

We plan to continue to tweak the layout and the information we provide here to ensure it meets the needs of our readers, so we would love to hear what you think as this process continues!

Make sure to subscribe and check the HRD Corner regularly for thought provoking features, informative polls, and program reminders. 


The Teaching Professor Technology Conference: Dr. Cozzens' Experience 

The Teaching Professor Conference is an annual workshop for the higher education community. This was the first conference that focused on Technology. Held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 4 through the 6th, the attendees were informed of the latest research and news concerning pedagogy, technology in classrooms, social media, and online learning. They also attended sessions on how professors could teach blended or flipped courses, how to best utilize technology during face-to-face courses, and what the benefits of mobile learning and apps could be. The conference states the following goals on their website,

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