Employees Aren't Taking Time Off. Here's What We Can Do About It (Namely.com)
Sunday, June 5, 2016 at 10:01PM
HRD Corner

Summer has arrived, which means vacation time! But, a recent survey by Namely shows employees' attitudes towards time off has shifted with the modern workplace. While employees are wiling to make big sacrifices for time off, they seem more interested in short bursts of vacation, rather than extended summer getaways.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Our recent survey of 471 employed adults in the U.S. revealed that paid time off is the most important employee benefit for several employees. 1 in 5 are willing to give up a higher salary for more PTO or an unlimited policy. Furthermore, 87% of employees rated PTO policies a high priority when evaluating a new job’s benefits and compensation package—with over half calling PTO “very critical.” And just how much time off do people plan on taking? Over half of employees plan on 15 days or more of paid time off this year, with 20% planning on taking more than 20 days.


So, what’s the kicker of it all? Those carefree summer days and summer nights just aren’t coming to fruition.

 --Ben Mueller, May 4, 2016, Namely.com

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