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Faculty Spotlight: Amy Masci

Professor Masci and son Kyle.

Professor Masci is an experienced human resources professional and adjunct faculty professor. She currently works as a HR Business Partner at Campbell Soup Company.  In addition to her current teaching duties, Mrs. Masci also has taught HR related courses at LaSalle University, Temple University and Rutgers University in Camden, NJ.

Q:        How many years have you been teaching at Villanova (how many years have you been teaching in general)?

A:     I’ve been teaching at Villanova University for 6 years.   I started teaching in the program in Fall 2006 and began by teaching 1 credit seminars in the HRD program - I taught Performance Management.    I then taught Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace in the Spring of 2007, and consistently taught 2 seminars per year until 2009 when I began teaching in the Villanova online HRD program--- my first course I taught online was Benefits (3 semesters) and then transitioned to teach Workforce Planning where I have been one of the evaluating faculty members for this course for the past 2 years.

Q:        If you had to pick just ONE area of Human Resources in which you would label yourself a rock star, which function would that be?

A:        Wow what a question – I guess I would have to say Performance Management – I feel that it is important for employees to be focused on actionable development so that they continue to learn and grow and ready themselves for career progression.    I like to closely partner with my leaders to make sure employees are meeting/exceeding results vs. objectives and where there are performance gaps, make sure that as an HR Business Partner, I am working with the employee & manager to help address the performance situation.   

Professor Masci and her husband Jeff, with son KyleQ:        Would you share something New/Good in your personal life?

A:        Sure!   I love to brag about my amazing family.   My husband Jeff and I have been together for 5 years.  We have a 2 ½ year old son named Kevin and an 8 month old son named Kyle.    I adore spending time with them every free moment I am able to.     It is busy having such little children while holding down a full time job and teaching online, but I wouldn’t have it any other way J

Q:        Would you share something New/Good in your professional career?

A:        I started a new role at Campbell Soup Company in September 2011 upon returning back to work from maternity leave.    My role is HR Business Partner supporting the Campbell Sales Company.    I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to hold 3 different roles during my almost 5 years at Campbell Soup Company.   I’ve worked in a Talent Management/Specialist role, an HR Business Partner role supporting Supply Chain, and now a Sales support role.    Each of these roles has given me different professional opportunities to learn more about the business, as well as the interdependencies across the various functions at the Company.       

Professor Masci's son, KevinQ:        How do you balance your personal life/interests with professional work & teaching?

A:        It’s tough; I’m not going to lie.   Time Management is important.   I’m always thinking about whether I am allocating the right amount of time to my family, my day job, and teaching and work hard to keep it all in check.

Q:        Do you find that experiences you have in your professional career prepare you for the courses you teach in the HRD program or vice versa?

A:        Absolutely.   I love sharing my professional experiences with the students and I also learn a lot from the students and the knowledge and experiences that they bring to the classroom.   

Q:        Any words of advice for HRD students planning to enroll in any of your courses?

A:     If you are interested in learning more about Workforce Planning and getting a broader understanding of what best in class looks like in organizations, then I’d love to have you in class!   We also discuss concepts related to Talent Management in this class as well and the integrated relationship to Workforce Planning (i.e. Succession Management, Performance Management, etc)

Q:        Any words of advice that you would offer to students searching for new jobs or internships?

A:        Network, Network, Network.    It’s amazing how networking can help you land a great job today.     Some other ideas:  Join LinkedIn, network with alumni from your alma mater who work in Human Resources, check the career center on    

Q:        What is the best way to network with you (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+)?

A:        LinkedIn

Q:        How do you stay connected to colleagues and former students?

A:        Through LinkedIn – I’ll admit, I’d like to get better at this and continue the relationships even after the semester ends.    It’s happened with a few students, and I enjoy learning about the success they are having in their careers.  

Q:        What is the best advice that you’ve ever received?

A:        My former boss once told me that nobody is perfect and that it’s important not to dwell on your mistakes.   You’re allowed to “hang onto a mistake” the rest of the day it was made, but then you need to forgive yourself and start the next day with a fresh outlook.    Again, nobody is perfect. 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and giving us the opportunity to interview you.  Take care and good luck with everything.

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