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Our HRD Corner Blog has moved to a new location! Come check out our new corner blog site:! The new blog features HR news & hot topics, #VUHRD Program event information, as well as research highlights from our faculty, and more!  Stay tuned with opinions on relevant human resource news and exciting HR-related research at Villanova, interact with our blog posts, and watch some of our video podcasts. You don't want to miss out! 



5 Roles That Will Power 21st Century Human Resources Departments (

Transforming your HR Department? Here are five roles you'll want to include:

"A 21st century company has to be employee-centric in order to stay relevant and push the boundaries of industry. After all, it’s great people that make a great company" -Kavi Guppta,

Manager of Employee Engagement

-conversation between leadership and teams

-ongoing dialogue surrounding workforce performance

Director of Learning

-technology, processes, and customers are ever-changing

-ongoing education of the workforce

Diversity Officer

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Happening Now! D.C. SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition

Visit the SHRM website to see the Conference At-A-Glance, Speakers, Concurrent sessions, and more!


6 Amazing Things Microsoft Could Do With LinkedIn (

By now you've probably heard the big news: Microsoft has agreed to purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. As much as you like searching for new jobs, and scrolling through an endless number of memes about achieving your inner greatness, you're probably scratching your head, wondering why Microsoft would dump about a third of its worth on a social network that doesn't even crack the top three in popularity. It's fair to question whether or not the acquisition makes fiscal sense, or whether the two tech giants can form a cohesive and practical business unit. However, the acquisition doesn't entirely come out of the blue, especially if you've been closely following Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his machinations.

Less than a year ago, Nadella emailed his 118,000 global employees to lay out his vision for what Microsoft would become under his leadership. In that memo, he said Microsoft would invest in three interconnected goals. The second and third goals on his list were to build a more intelligent cloud platform, and create more personal computing.

Nadella's primary objective is to reinvent productivity and business processes. The LinkedInFree at iTunes Store acquisition strikes at the heart of this goal. A Microsoft-LinkedIn marriage could not only reinvent productivity and business processes for Microsoft customers, but also for the Redmond-based giant itself.

1. Access to Every Company's IT Decision-Makers

2. Access Experts via Word and PowerPoint

3. Create an HR Platform that Ties into Microsoft Dynamics 

4. Compete with Facebook and Twitter

5. Skype and LinkedIn Become One

6. All of the Above...Combined

-Juan Martinez, June 13, 2016

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Employees Aren't Taking Time Off. Here's What We Can Do About It (

Summer has arrived, which means vacation time! But, a recent survey by Namely shows employees' attitudes towards time off has shifted with the modern workplace. While employees are wiling to make big sacrifices for time off, they seem more interested in short bursts of vacation, rather than extended summer getaways.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Our recent survey of 471 employed adults in the U.S. revealed that paid time off is the most important employee benefit for several employees. 1 in 5 are willing to give up a higher salary for more PTO or an unlimited policy. Furthermore, 87% of employees rated PTO policies a high priority when evaluating a new job’s benefits and compensation package—with over half calling PTO “very critical.” And just how much time off do people plan on taking? Over half of employees plan on 15 days or more of paid time off this year, with 20% planning on taking more than 20 days.


So, what’s the kicker of it all? Those carefree summer days and summer nights just aren’t coming to fruition.

 --Ben Mueller, May 4, 2016,

Read more from the Namely survey.


HR Humor


FLSA Overtime Regulations: Everything You Need to Know (SHRM)

As of May 18, 2016, President Obama announced the Department of Labor's final rule updating overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Effective December 1st, 2016, this new law will extend overtime pay to roughly 40% of the population, as opposed to about 8% prior to this final rule. As this law will impact workers and employers, here are the basics of what you need to know:

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Villanova Phi Kappa Phi 

The Villanova chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1974. Each year since then, our chapter has inducted between 150 and 200 of the top seniors and juniors in the University. In 1999, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our chapter, and we were honored for that at the most recent triennial meeting of the National Society. During our tenure as a member society of Phi Kappa Phi, Villanova inductees have won many graduate fellowships from the Society.

There will be graduating HRD students that will be distinguished with this honor upon graduating on May 14th, 2016. 

To read more about the honor society, please visit the homepage on Villanova's website here:



Wired Wednesday

At the Annual Networking Reception – Future of Work, Microsoft Corp. provided a demo of the latest software that they are introducing to support work and improve efficiency.  The links below are to show you what was demonstrated. 

There were two highlights that stood out for me.  The Windows Continuum links a Microsoft phone with a monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.  Your phone becomes your computer.  The software is full featured and looks exactly like it does when running on a regular computer.  The other was the Microsoft Band 2, which allows you to receive messages and even respond to them from a wearable device.  Wearables are becoming more popular and will definitely be part of the future of work. 


Windows Continuum

  • We will have a Windows 950, Microsoft Display Dock, display to let the attendees see how to use a phone the same way you can use a laptop. 
  • Connect your Lumia 950 to a Microsoft Display Dock and use it with an external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. Office apps and Outlook scale up to create a big screen-optimized work environment that makes you more productive. It's a PC-like experience that's powered by your phone.

Windows 10

  • Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 demo
  • Surface Book: Portable clipboard; Creative canvas


  • Cortana is an amazing digital assistant
  • Edge browser
  • Markup webpages on a live webpage (Inking)
  • Wireless Adapter on a display
  • Inking to take notes
  • Surface Dock/Display

Office 365

  • New, productive features of Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Live collaboration
  • OneNote
  • OneNote Class Notebooks
  • Sway
  • Skype for Business
  • Office Mix
  • Yammer

Mobile Demo of Microsoft Band 2

  • How it can be used to be more productive

-Dr. Larry Cozzens 


5 Reasons why every young HR Professional should have a Mentor

 by Alex Miller, Graduate Sutdent for the Human Resource Development Program at Villanova University


My name is Alex Miller and I am currently finishing my second year in Villanova University’s M.S. Human Resource Development Program. I was fortunate enough to participate in an annual mentoring program designed by the faculty of the Human Resource Development program. Each year, the program faculty selects current students and matches them up with seasoned HR professionals depending on experience and interests. The mentoring program provides graduate students with the opportunity to work with successful HR professionals and to continue to develop a range of skill sets. Mentors benefit by accessing fresh talent, improving their leadership skills and building a rapport with Villanova’s reputable HRD Graduate Program. I was lucky enough to be paired with an HR professional who shared similar interests within HR including employee relations, compensation, recruiting, and strategic HR. Listed below are 5 reasons why every young HR professional should seek a mentor.

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Meaningful Networking: A Step Towards Engaged Connections by Rita Snell

Networking is an essential part of the business world. It’s how we make connections and build relationships. We have all heard about the power of connections. But are true connections really being made, or are we simply meeting people and forgetting them afterwards? Networking is not just meeting for the sake of exchanging business cards and adding them to the collection, but rather as a way for us to build mutually-rewarding relationships that can help us develop professionally as well as personally. Networking takes practice. Very few of us know how to “work the room,” leaving with meaningful interactions. Some people are gifted in the art of networking, but for the majority of us, we need a little help.

This brings me to the idea of interactive networking. Why don’t we create networking events that include a theme around which we can debate and share experiences? Similar to a museum, people can feel free to talk with others or interact with the space. These museum-like exhibits could help facilitate conversation between people. Conversations are ignited around exhibits because while you might all be looking at the same thing, each person carries a different interpretation. In addition to learning that person’s name and the company where they work, you are also gaining some insight into the way that person thinks. Perhaps you will find a connection on a topic not discovered through small talk. Interactive networking is a great way to meet new people while at the same time expanding your way of thinking.

Each year Villanova hosts their Annual Networking Reception. This year’s theme was around “The Future of Work.” For this event, we decided to incorporate this idea of interactive networking. Our goal was to engage students and professionals in a meaningful networking experience to ignite conversations that will change the future of work. The night was divided into alternating segments of networking and presentations around the four themes of flexibility, generations, collaboration, and technology. We displayed videos with people sharing their ideas for how they will change the future of work, and we placed exhibits around the room to demonstrate some ideas about what the future of work might look like. Questions were posed on the mini tables, asking people to share their thoughts with each other and via social media. Personally, I found great value in this networking experience. As I paused at each exhibit, new people would approach and share their personal stories. I met a woman by the “Workspaces Through Time” exhibit, for example, and this exhibit showing the evolution of work through time sparked our conversation. She reminisced on her experience conducting research prior to all the online databases and journals we have today. We then talked about how gathering information might change in the future. This event pushed beyond the typical networking event by encouraging people to connect by interacting with the space around them.

I believe we need to be more mindful of how we are making connections. Meeting a new person is not enough. We have to share more than our quick elevator speech to form a true connection. Meaningful networking means walking away thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait to talk with that person again.” 

-Rita Snell, HRD Graduate Assistant, VU SHRM Director of Communications


Dr. David Bush Retirement Party!

The Psychology Department is hosting an on-campus reception for HRD's founder, Dr. David Bush!

When: Wednesday, April 20th

Where: President's Lounge of the Connelly Center

Time: 3-5PM

The entire extended campus community is welcome!

Join us in celebrating Dr. Bush's retirement and his many accomplishments throughout his time in our program!



HR Around the World: France may give workers the right to ignore emails at home

 Don't mess with the French work-life balance!

The French government is getting ready to propose a new rule next month that would give workers the "right to disconnect" from their emails and smartphones when they're out of the office.

The draft bill, originally leaked by French newspaper Le Parisien, is part of a wide range of labor reforms designed to make France a more competitive, business-friendly country, while still protecting workers' interests.



To read more, please visit here:

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Professional Spotlight: Todd Corley

Todd Corley, Founder & Chief Strategist at the TAPO Institute

We are so excited to have Todd Corley, Founder and Chief Strategist at the TAPO Institute, as one of our keynote speakers for the Villanova HRD Annual Networking Reception on tomorrow, April 5th, in the Connelly Center on campus! Read on to learn more about Todd's track record of success, advice, and more! 

Todd Corley is the creator and catalyst of the TAPO Institute, a think tank and strategic advisor advocating inclusive leadership. He is the former corporate officer in charge of global diversity and inclusion for the iconic retailer, Abercrombie & Fitch.

In that role, he led an enterprise-wide transformation that included: 1) increasing the in-store minority population from below 10% to over 50% of total population (100,000 people) across all positions 2) achieving significant gender diversity among its senior ranks, with over 40% of the company’s vice presidents and 75% of executive vice presidents being female 3) positioning the brand as an LGBT-friendly employer, by securing a perfect score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index, for nine consecutive years.


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All About Nova: Graduation Reminders


Dear Villanova HRD Graduates,

As May 2016 Commencement rapidly approaches, we want to make sure you have all the information you need regarding the weekend events.  Listed below are a description and timeline of Commencement activities.  You are welcome to all events listed below and are highly encouraged to attend the HRD Graduation Reception and Graduate Studies Convocation on Saturday (details below).

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Join us for Villanova's Graduate HRD 18th Annual Networking Reception!

The Villanova University Graduate Programs in HRD & VU SHRM Chapter cordially invite you to join us for our

18th Annual Networking Reception!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016 | 5-9:30PM

 The Villanova Room | Connelly Center | Villanova University



This year the Villanova University Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development & VU SHRM Chapter will be hosting our 18th Annual Networking Reception!  Each year this event brings together human resource professionals, business professionals, Villanova students, faculty and alumni for an evening of networking and learning!


The theme of this year’s event, THE FUTURE OF WORK, will explore how our work environments will change in the coming years through encouraged collaboration, increased flexibility, changing technology, and diversity of generations!  The event will feature a slate of dynamic, innovative speakers giving TED-style talks mixed with meaningful networking!



Founders of FizzPopBANG!

Carla & Imogen met during their time at Red Bull.  As the Former Head of HR & the former Head of the Brand team at Red Bull, Carla & Imogen found collaboration between people and brand meant more potential for a business.

In their talk, Carla & Imogen will examine the affect that real collaboration between departments can have on an organization. They will discuss the relationship between brand, culture, and people and how this can affect engagement levels of a workforce to drive business success.


Founder of The TAPO Institute

As the former SVP & Chief Diversity Officer for Abercrombie & Fitch, Todd Corley led a workforce filled with diverse generations.  In his new book FITCH PATH, Todd tells us how the millennial generation will lead in the future.  Every guest attending the event will take home a copy of Todd’s book FITCH PATH.

In his talk, Todd will explore how millennials and iGens have forged a cultural transformation.  He will examine the needs, wants, and expectations of the emerging workforce majority and offer solutions to help prepare leaders and organizations for an inevitable reality.

The event will also feature three Breakout Speaker presentations:













President of Basket        Co-Founder of Gener8tional Connections    Recruiting Manager at Google


Get your tickets now! All tickets include a copy of Todd Corley’s new book, FITCH PATHTickets also include open beer & wine bar with heavy hors d’oeuvres & dessert during networking.



We hope to see you at this exciting event! For more information, check out the event website at!

For questions about the event contact:

Bethany J. Adams

Assistant Director - Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development

(610) 519-8336












Happy Easter!


Poll: Which theme do you think will have the biggest impact on the future of work?


Company Profile: ThinkHR Launches Premium HR Solutions Suite To Give Insurance Brokers Competitive Edge (

How might innovative technological solutions help companies remain competitive and change productivity in the workplace? 

"ThinkHR, the leader in expert HR knowledge and training solutions for insurance brokers and employers, announced Workplace Pro, an expanded suite of premium HR solutions built to help companies stay informed and compliant in today's complex regulatory environment. Workplace Pro includes a compliance calendar that is automatically populated with compliance deadlines, and a mobile app that enables employers to get immediate answers to critical HR questions.  For ThinkHR's insurance partners, Workplace Pro delivers an expanded portfolio of products that have been architected for the modern workplace to make broker services indispensable for their clients."

-March 16, 2016/ PR Newswire

Read more about the new compliance calendar and mobile app HERE!



Villanova Wins SHRM Student Case Competition!

Over Spring break 5 Villanova HRD students traveled to Atlanta, GA to compete in the SHRM Student East Division Case Competition. This year's case was based on a fitness focused nonprofit in Michigan that displayed issues in all areas of their HR function. In response they wrote a 2 page executive summary and created a 15 min. presentation on the case and their proposed interventions, which included a comprehensive HR audit, implementing a workplace violence prevention program, and aligning their HR strategy with the mission and goals of the organzation. While there, Alex Miller, Rita Snell, Nick Kruger, Rebeca Pareja, and Samantha Khan presented their findings in front of a panel of judges and again in front of the conference as a whole and in the end they were rewarded with the 1st place prize at the 2016 East Regional SHRM Case Competition. This prize includes tickets for all competition team members to the SHRM Annual Conference in Washington DC as well as $2500 for travel to the conference! 

Interested in being on the case competition team next year? Contact 2016-2017 VU SHRM co-presidents Rita Snell ( or Nick Kruger ( to find out more about how to get involved.