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Student Spotlight: Erica Hazard 

Erica Hazard currently works for Penske Truck Leasing and Penske Logistics. Penske delivers innovative transportation and logistics solutions that are vital to the success of the companies and people they serve. Penske has built their business on three core values: commitment to our customers, dedication to excellence and innovative thinking. Erica has held roles at Penske managing field human resources, compensation and most recently Leadership Development and Succession Planning. 

Erica holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Cedar Crest College and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development from Villanova University. She has ten years of labor and employee relations and human resources administration experience working for Penske Truck Leasing, Paychex Inc., Lehigh Coal and Navigation, and Coca Cola bottling of the Lehigh Valley. 

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Super Bowl Preview

This Sunday is Super Bowl XLIX and it features the AFC Champion New England Patriots vs. the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. This game is sure to have a lot of drama given the strong personalities of both Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch on the Seahawks side of the ball and the media circus that has become known as ‘DeflateGate’ on the Patriots side. Currently the line for this game has the Patriots by a point, but my best prediction is that Seattle will win a close one. For a Patriots fan there is a lot to be happy about given that they have a hall of fame coach and quarterback in Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Where as the Seahawks were able to win the NFC Championship game due to an incredible number of unfortunate mistakes by the Packers the feeling is that New England will play consistent football and limit any turnovers. The reason I have faith in Seattle is that they have a great defense, arguably the best running back in the league and a very steady dual threat quarterback in Russell Wilson. I envision a game where the Seahawks long and physical defense smothers Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch runs for over a hundred yards and two touchdowns and Russell Wilson makes enough critical plays to capture Seattle’s second Super Bowl. Don’t worry though Pats fans, Madden did their annual Super Bowl simulation and they have the Patriots winning 28-24.

If you need an example of just how hard it is to take Marshawn Lynch down click HERE. It’s a great play to watch for anyone that loves football.

-Ray Ross


Work $mart Workshop: Tuesday, February 10 (6:00 PM)

Work $MART is a targeted salary negotiation workshop for Villanova student women and alumnae to help enhance their earnings for the rest of their working lives.

The workshop will take place Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 from 6:00 - 8:30pm in the West Lounge, Dougherty Hall at Villanova University. Registration fee is $15 (includes dinner). Click here to register.

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All About Nova: The CAVE

Villanova University’s virtual reality CAVE facility opened this past October and it is something that has been creating a lot of buzz around campus. The CAVE (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment) uses engaging video for telepresence applications, as well as computer-generated graphics for 3D visualization and it is housed in the Falvey Memorial Library. This project was first funded in 2013 by a $1.67 million National Science Foundation grant. The hope is that its central location will make this tool accessible to all Villanova students and faculty. This interdisciplinary project is being developed under the direction of Frank Klassner in the college of Liberal and Sciences as well as Edmond Dougherty who is an assistant professor in the College of Engineering.

If you are wondering what the CAVE looks like it is an 18’ by 10’ by 7.5’ high enclosure where 10-15 viewers can view three-dimensional imagery and data displays. This CAVE is unique in that it is the first to be situated in a library setting that will have reserved time for public access. Professor Klassner has been quoted as saying:

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Dr. Bush and Dr. Cozzens present at NITOP

On January 3-6, 2015, Dr. Bush and Dr. Cozzens traveled to St. Pete Beach, Florida to the 37th Annual NITOP (National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology) Conference.  

Dr. Bush presented a poster on Random Entry, where he focused specifcally on using this tool to allow you to develop new ideas for recognition and reward systems (RARS).

  Dr. Cozzens presented a poster entitled, "Do on-line graduate students develop group attachment in virtual learning communities?"


CCHRA Merit Scholarship Application Due February 27!

The Chester County Human Resources Association (CCHRA) is giving away money! Apply today for the CCHRA Merit Scholarship, which gives graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to be awarded $1000! See below for more information from the website

Graduate Student Award
- $1,000

Undergraduate Student Award - $1,000


Applications must be received in full by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2015 o Includes: Student/Contact Information, Experiences & Objectives, Resume, Transcript, Essays, & Faculty recommendation.  

Awards will be presented during CCHRA’s Breakfast Meeting on Friday, March 27, 2015.

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Can You Relate?


Villanova HRD Corner: January Edition 2015

Welcome to the 2015 January Edition of the Villanova HRD Corner! In this issue, we have all of our popular reoccurring features (spotlights, HR news, etc.) along with updates and information.

 Special Features:


Reoccurring Features:



HR News: Four Fun Ways To Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

Article by: Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Forbes

The beginning of the year is ripe for resolutions. On the career front, you might resolve to network more, be more active with your online profile, or get more involved in a professional association. You probably also have goals in other areas in your life – saving more, exercising more, spending more time with friends and family. So much more to do but with the same amount of time, energy and discipline as before. Here are four fun ways to help you stay motivated and make your new year resolutions stick:

Make it a game Rocketrip is a corporate travel company that turns saving money for its clients into a game. Rocketrip designs travel programs that award points redeemable for rewards whenever the employee saves its company travel money. The employees’ motives are aligned with the company’s motives so the new behaviors and choices stick.

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All About Nova: Villanova Basketball Update

Since our last update on the state of Villanova’s Men’s Basketball, the team has gone 9-1 in the past 10 games with their lone loss coming on the road at Seton Hall. This loss was certainly a disappointment as Seton Hall has been a traditionally weaker program in years past, but as time has gone on this year they have proved to be a competitive team in this years difficult Big East. Overall the team is 15-1 and currently ranked as the #5 team in the country. Nobody thinks that Villanova won’t win the conference, but as league play continues through the next few months the team will most likely be tested by the likes of Georgetown, Providence and Seton Hall. Keep an eye out for the Wildcats as they take on the Musketeers of Xavier University tonight at 9ET on Fox Sports 1.


Wired Wednesday: Top 10 Technology Trends for 2015

So Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 list looks like this:

1. Computing everywhere: Cearley says the trend is not just about applications but rather wearable systems, intelligent screens on walls and the like. Microsoft, Google and Apple will fight over multiple aspects of this technology. You will see more and more sensors that will generate even more data and IT will have to know how to exploit this—think new ways to track users and their interactions with your company—in an effective, positive way.

2. The Internet of things: Yes this one is getting old it seems, but there’s more to it than the hype. Here IT will have to manage all of these devices and develop effective business models to take advantage of them. Cearley said IT needs to get new projects going and to embrace the “maker culture” so people in their organizations can come up with new solutions to problems.

3. 3D Printing: Another item that has been on the Gartner list for a couple years. But things are changing rapidly in this environment. Cearley says 3D printing has hit a tipping point in terms of the materials that can be used and price points of machines. It enables cost reduction in many cases. IT needs to look at 3D printing and think about how it can make your company more agile.  Can it 3D printing drive innovation?

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First VU SHRM Happy Hour of the Spring 2015 Semester!

We invite you to join VU SHRM for their first happy hour of the new year taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13 (5:30 PM) at Flip & Bailey's near Villanova University. We look forward to seeing everyone there!!



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2014 In Review: Through the Top Search Terms

Google's Top Search Terms of 2014: Robin Williams Leads a Grim Grab Bag.

Google has revealed its top trending searches of 2014 in the U.S., and they serve as a reminder of how rough a year it's been for so many. Robin Williams who died an untimely death in August, was No. 1. Ebola, Malaysia Airlines and several ongoing conflicts also made the top 10 largest traffic spikes — though the gloominess is tempered by the presence of the ever-popular World Cup, the bafflingly popular "Flappy Bird" and the heart-warmingly popular ALS Ice Bucket Challange

Not every search was doom and gloom. People do search for the latest films and political issues — and it will come as no surprise to anyone with kids that the top-searched movie this year was the animated hit "Frozen." President Obama was the top politician in searches, with Chris Christie and Rand Paul nipping at his heels. Rumors of a run for the top office helped put Elisabeth Warren in the top 10 as well. The rest of the top searches, from selfies to celebrity weddings, can be found at Google's 2014 Trends Page.

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Financial Aid Update

On Behalf of the Office of Financial Assistance - A Friendly Reminder Regarding Financial Aid!

With the 2014-2015 academic year beginning in late April 2014, we want to remind you to re-apply for financial aid for the next academic year. 

We recommend that graduate students re-apply for federal financial assistance by submitting their renewal 2014-2015 FAFSA at least two months prior to the first day of classes. The renewal FAFSA can be completed online at

Students who are applying for financial aid for the first time in 2014-2015 should plan to complete the process two months prior to the first day of classes as well.  If you are applying for financial aid for the first time, you will need to complete the following items online:

Please note, that before financial aid can disburse for the 2014-2015 year, we are required to evaluate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for all returning students at the end of the Spring II term.  The full SAP policy can be found online at our website below.

If you have any questions about the financial aid process, please review our website at  or contact us at


Happy 2015!


What’s Your Method For Achieving Your Resolution?


Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas filled with blessings, peace, and joy!



Student Spotlight: Boudour Mahmoud

"My first passion was of technology and how the web and internet got global countries closer. I was accepted in the engineering undergraduate program and graduated as a computer engineer in IUG in 2007. I practiced the engineering work for a year, then in summer 2008 I made my first participation in civil work through a project for the children of Gaza, I joined local NGOs and started a new career, based on the fact that I can give and help more in this field, and I managed to go on my new career very well for 6 years.  

I was concentrating on helping the graduates and youth to develop their knowledge and skills, make them understand the significance of investing in their capabilities as humans to be the real capital of development, and direct them to the path of surviving any crisis they might face; especially in a very weak industrial and economical community as the Gaza strip. After all, it is not about how hard it is to be living, but it is about what they did, are doing, and will be doing to their country in such a challenging era. The world we are living in is ranking people according to their achievements."

Q:        Why are you interested in the field of HR and how did that interest come about?

A:         Through my career, I filled different positions, and I had to deal with kids, teenagers, under graduates, fresh graduates, and job seekers. In fact, I was limited to the challenge of changing attitudes and getting in harmony with humans as each one was a case by him/her-self that needs a full understanding and a different approach of managing; therefore, I knew that I should be working more on my personal and oral/verbal communication skills to challenge such limitations and develop my relation with them.

Accordingly, dodging such a challenge and being able to deal with all kinds of people changed my life. I started to think big, and I knew that I need to be more specialized in human development and management since many local associations and institutions lack the essential role played by the human resource departments.

Unfortunately, our local universities don’t offer such programs. Though disappointing, I imbued my ambition with the motivation to find a solution. Hence, I applied for the Fulbright Scholarship Program as a studying abroad opportunity that would help me bring new experiences and knowledge that I can utilize to develop my skills and help develop the civil work in the Gaza strip, and I was finally chosen as a final scholar.

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All About Nova: Villanova Football Update

At Villanova most of the time when you talk about sports it’s all about how the men’s basketball team is doing. To be fair the team is currently 10-0 and is the seventh ranked team in the entire country so they do deserve a great deal of attention. That being said we would be remiss if we were not to mention the successful year that our men’s football team has had in finishing the season with an 11-3 overall record that saw them make it to the FCS playoff quarterfinals. Sadly, their playoff run ended this past Saturday as they fell to the Bearkats of Sam Houston State 34-31. In what was a big blow for Villanova their star quarterback John Robertson, a Walter Payton Award finalist and one of the best players in school history was unable to play due to a concussion he suffered last week against Liberty University. Senior backup Chris Polony did his best trying to fill in for Robertson throwing for 228 yards and a touchdown while also running for 87 yards and two TDs, but in the end it wasn’t enough to get past Sam Houston State. The kicking game, which has struggled all season attempted a game-tying 51-yard field-goal with 34 seconds left only to see the ball sail wide left. A disappointing loss for sure, but this season as a whole was something to be proud of. 


HR Champion Award: Paul DeCecco

Congratulations to HRD Alumni, Paul Dececco!

During Arkema Inc.’s recent HRLT Conference, recent HRD alum, Paul DeCecco was recognized as an HR&C Champion. The HRLT is Arkema’s Human Resources Leadership Team conference which is held twice a year. It is a time for HR leaders from all sites across the Americas to come together, discuss key issues, and network. In the Fall, awards are given out to select few who have been nominated and approved as an HR&C Champion for the year. The award recognizes those employees who demonstrate exceptional contribution to the department over the course of the year. This year, Villanova HRD alum, Paul DeCecco was presented with the award for stepping up in the face of new challenges in his role this year. This is a nice recognition for the Nova grad who is coming up on 2 year with the company in his role as Talent Management Specialist. He graduated in 2012 from the HRD Program after serving Dr. Bush as Research Assistant during his tenure in the program.